Sizing Guide for Children

Otter Patterns team is working hard to create the best sewing patterns according to the industry standards as well as every creators needs. Our sizing guide shows average measurements of babies, toddlers, boys and girls in every stage of their growth.

Girls (cm)  Sizing Guide

General body sizing chart for girls in centimeters. Find a size suitable for your girl and pick a perfect fitting sewing pattern, garment or start drafting by using measurements that are used as an industry standard.

Babies and Toddlers (in)  Sizing Guide

General body sizing chart for babies and toddlers in inches. Use this chart to determine sewing pattern or garment size for your little miracle. Want to draft a pattern yourself? Use the measurements noted in the chart and create a garment that fits industry standards.

Girls (in) Sizing Guide

General body sizing chart for girls in inches. Every young lady grows in her unique pace. However many brands still use this sizing chart to determine an average clothing size suited for most of the girls. Use this chart to determine a size for your young ladys' special outfit.

Want to learn how to measure your child for sewing?

Doesn't matter if you are looking a perfect size garment, pattern or creating custom clothing piece from scratch - first thing you need to do is measure you child accurately. Want to learn how to do it correctly? Check out our kids measuring guide for sewing.

Kids Measuring Guide

Check our in-depth guide about measuring your children for sewing!