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Do you want to make your own children's clothing? You want to make a kids bodysuit for your baby or a girl? Bodysuit is a well fitted garment usually sewn from knit fabrics and worn under the other clothing pieces or as a top with skirt or pants. Our kids bodysuit pdf pattern collection is full of well constructed styles that will make your kids feel comfortable no matter if they will be sleeping in their bodysuit, playing in the house or taking on a sports activity such as dancing or skating! Find your perfect kids bodysuit pattern!

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Buy Girls Bodysuit Patterns

Our children's bodysuit sewing patterns have it all! We have a wide range of sewing patterns that are easy to follow and suitable for beginners. You can print them out with your home printer and start sewing right away! You will get the digital pattern file and very detailed instructions on how to make your own children's bodysuits for all ages and sizes.

It doesn't matter if you're new or experienced in making baby clothes - we have something for everyone here at Otter Patterns PDF Sewing Pattern shop. 

Bodysuit Sewing Patterns for Girls

In Otter Patterns shop you will be able to find bodysuit and leotard sewing patterns for girls up to fourteen years old. Our bodysuit pdf sewing patterns come in various styles: 

  • Long sleeve bodysuit sewing patterns for girls
  • Short sleeve bodysuits sewing patterns for girls
  • Spaghetti strap bodysuit sewing patterns
  • Snap button bodysuit sewing pattern
  • Open back leotard sewing patterns for girls

Bodysuit Patterns for Baby Girls

Bodysuit is also a perfect garment for your babies. Usually a bodysuit is worn instead of a top with pants or skirt or just on its own. In most cases baby bodysuits have snap buttons at the bottom making them a really handy garment when changing the diapers. Bodysuits are just like onesies but don't cover baby’s legs making them more open garment for warm temperature. With our sewing patterns you can make a bodysuit for your baby up to one year old and find a perfect size between: zero to three months old, three to six months old, and six to twelve months old. 

Bodysuit Patterns for Toddler Girls

If you have a girl that is between one and two years old you will be able to find a perfect size and fit bodysuit sewing pattern just for her. 

Bodysuit Sewing Patterns for Boys

If you have a baby boy, a bodysuit might be a perfect garment to make for him while he’s still a baby.

Bodysuit Patterns for Baby Boys

Select a sewing pattern for your baby boy from our baby bodysuit selection. You can choose between different pattern styles. Find a long sleeve bodysuit pattern or a  short sleeve bodysuit pattern for your baby boy.

Easy to Make Children’s Bodysuit PDF Sewing Patterns

All our bodysuit patterns are really easy to make and have detailed instructions that will help every beginner breeze through the whole sewing project without any trouble. Sewing instructions have detailed illustrations for each step and will help you if you get stuck in any part of the project. From tools and supplies list needed to make a kids bodysuit, to recommended fabrics and how to place the pattern pieces on them. Our bodysuit sewing manuals have everything you'll need. 

Kids Bodysuit PDF Pattern for Knit Fabrics

In most cases when making a kids bodysuit or leotard you will need to make it from knit fabric or a woven fabric containing elastane. Weather the bodysuit you are making is very tight fit or slightly looser knit fabric listed below are the best options to use with the kids bodysuit patterns:

  • Bodysuit sewing pattern for stretch fabrics
  • Bodysuit sewing pattern for Nylon fabric
  • Bodysuit sewing pattern for cotton elastane
  • Bodysuit sewing pattern for lycra fabrics
  • Bodysuit sewing pattern for jersey fabrics
  • Bodysuit sewing pattern for seersucker fabrics
  • Bodysuit sewing pattern for stretch cotton poplin
  • Bodysuit sewing pattern for spandex
  • Bodysuit sewing pattern for mesh fabric

Make Your Own DIY Kids Bodysuit

Using our patterns you will get a tutorial that is included in the pattern manual and will help you with each step of your sewing project. From fabric picking to cutting the fabric, assembling the pattern and even stitching. Everything you need to make a kids bodysuit for your little one. All you need is a sewing machine, some thread and fabric and using our sewing patterns you will be able to make the cutest girls or boys bodysuit.

Make Girls Bodysuit For Everyday Wear 

Doesn’t matter if you are searching for a new look or a cosy top for your child. Kids bodysuit patterns are easy sewing projects that will result in a versatile clothing piece to be worn with a pants skirt or just on its own. You can even make girls bodysuit or leotard for these activities:

  • Girls Bodysuit Sewing Pattern For Gymnastics
  • Girls Bodysuit Sewing Pattern Ballet and Dancing
  • Girls Bodysuit Sewing Pattern Figure Skating

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