Dress PDF Sewing Patterns

Do you want to make children's dresses and sew them all by yourself? This way you can choose any fabric and style in the world! Children's clothing can be expensive, so many creative parents choose to make their own dresses for their little ones. But if you don't have any experience in sewing and pattern making, it might seem hard or impossible to create your own children's clothing. Our dress sewing pattern collection solves this problem for you! We've created a series of PDF dress sewing patterns that are suitable for beginners and easy to follow. 

Buy Girls Dresses Patterns

With our digital sewing patterns you will be able to DIY children's clothing at home! You'll get the digital pattern file and very detailed instructions on how to make your own kids' clothes from scratch. Our PDF Sewing Patterns contain all the information you need to start creating your own children's dresses at home. Get your girls dress sewing pattern now including the instructions, illustrations, patterns with and without seam allowance, A4 size format, A0 size format pattern and even file for pattern transferring on fabric with projector. Anything you need to sew your girls' dresses at home!

Dress Sewing Patterns for Girls

No matter what age is your girl  - you will find a pdf pattern for her new dress in our shop! Be a crafty mom (or a dad.. Or an aunt! Or a business lady! Of a crafty whatever you want) and dress your little girl in the most beautiful tiny dress there is! Otter patterns offer sizes from zero months to six years old and older! Select your girl dress sewing pattern now!

Dress Patterns for Baby Girls

Find a dress pattern to sew the most beautiful tiny dress for your baby girl. Dress her like a tiny princess in a comfortable and easy to make garment. Find a sewing pattern for baby girls up to one year old.

Dress Patterns for Toddler Girls

Your little toddler girl wants to feel like a princess in a dress made by her mommy? Find a perfect dress for your toddler girl up to two years old! Dress her in the prettiest tiny dress you made yourself!

Easy to Make Children Dress PDF Sewing Patterns

All our dress patterns are really easy to make even if you are a complete beginner. Every girl's dress pattern has a sewing tutorial, with step by step sewing instructions and detailed illustrations. You will have no trouble finishing a sewing project in no time doesn't matter what your sewing skill level is. From complete beginners to fashion designers we offer the best selection of girls' dresses patterns.

Make Your Own DIY Girls Dresses

With our sewing patterns you will be able to create beautiful kids dresses in just a couple of hours. Find a sewing inspiration for your next project browsing through our pattern shop. You will be happy and end up with a finished dress in just a couple of hours. All you need is a sewing machine, some gorgeous fabric and some sewing thread and you'll be dressing your little one in no time.

Make Girl Dresses Out of Different Fabrics

Otter patterns offer a wide variety of girls' dress patterns to be made from all kinds of fabrics. Doesn’t matter if you get the fabric or the pattern first, each pattern comes with fabric recommendations and even how to place the pattern piece on it when cutting. You will find everything you will need to know about the fabric when sewing your girl's dress. Make dresses from various fabrics:

Whether you want to make a comfy knit dress or a party dress from tulle - find your dress pattern to match your fabric, or pick the sewing pattern first and go fabric shopping.

Trims for your girls dress sewing patterns

When sewing girls' dresses you can go crazy with all the beautiful trims that you can add. You can sew girls' dresses with beautiful ribbons, add pearl buttons to the bodice piece, or add some sequins and glitter beads on the fabric. Possibilities for creative sewing are endless. Find a dress sewing pattern to be used with these trims:

  • Dress pattern with ribbons
  • Dress pattern with buttons
  • Dress pattern with zipper
  • Dress pattern with beads
  • Dress pattern with sequins
  • Dress pattern with lace
  • Dress pattern with tulle
  • Dress pattern with glitter
  • Dress pattern with embroidery
  • Dress pattern with appliques

Design Different Girl Dresses

We offer multiple different styles of dress patterns for your girl. Whether you want to make your girl a princess dress or a skater dress we have it. Explore the variety of cute dress patterns in our shop:

And if you can’t find the style that you want - send us your kids fashion sketch and we will make a pattern of your choice. 

Best Girl Dress Sewing Projects

Find the next dress sewing project in our pattern shop and start making! We offer quality sewing patterns for every maker!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make your own kids clothes at home! If you have any questions about sewing your own baby and toddler clothing at home using our sewing pattern shop - here you will find most common questions!

Are kids dress sewing patterns beginner friendly?

All dress patterns are beginner friendly. They contain clear and easy to understand step by step tutorials, you can use sewing machine that you have at home and they take only few hours to make.

Can I sell dresses made with this pattern?

All dress patterns are free to use for sewing and selling as many physical items as you want.

Do these dress patterns include seam allowance?

All dress patterns include two pattern options - one including seam allowance and one without seam allowance. You can decide which one is more suitable for your sewing preferences.

Can I print these dress patterns with a printer that I have at home?

All dress patterns have A4 sized pattern layout that can be printed and assembled at home, with nothing more than your home office printer, scissors and duct tape.

What does the Regular License includes?

Ability to sew as many clothing pieces as you want, without actually reselling digital patterns on other marketplaces.

Do you offer refunds for purchased products?

No. These are digital products, therefore refunds are not possible.

How can I become an team member?

Contact us if you are passionate about sewing, we might have a fit for you. Especially if you are good with words and would like to write about sewing, fashion or have any other skills that match our team needs.