We’re helping people to create amazing children clothing

Our mission is to create biggest children's patterns library on the market! The goal is to allow every creator to pick the perfect pattern for their sewing project - no matter how crazy it is! Every day we are looking for new ways to make better and more interesting patterns! We are trying to match the needs of even the pickiest makers!

How Otter Patterns started

Otter patterns were started on 2020 in The Netherlands, Amsterdam. The brand was created by a technical fashion designer Arune Guja, who has been working in fashion industry since 2006. Otter Patterns started as a small shop with and idea to create biggest kids patterns library with the best sewing instructions on the market! Otter Patterns aspire to be more than a biggest shop... we want top educate and teach everybody a joyful art of creating your own children's clothes!

Otter side of the story

Sewing patterns are nothing without all the amazing creators that make the blueprints come to life! We are highly creator inspired pattern brand and we like our patterns to be a reflection of what the sewing community wants! We are always happy to create patterns that makers request and share them with our community! If you have an idea - don't hesitate! Draw it, send it to us and let the otters do their job!

Why Otter Patterns?

Great Quality

We are extremely focused to make the best quality kid's sewing patterns on the market!


We add a new children's sewing pattern almost every day!

Beginner Friendly

We add the most informative sewing tutorial with detailed illustrations to each pattern!

Creator Inspired

If you can't find a pattern that you want - write us and we will make it!

The amazing team behind Otter Patterns

Again! What makes Otter Patterns the best PDF sewing pattern shop on the Internet?

Otter Patterns love creators and try to make their sewing journey the most carefree and seamless experience! Pun intended... hihi.

Best Quality Sewing Patterns

Every creator wants to know that they bought the best possible pattern on the market. We guarantee professional kids sewing pattern quality to match every makers needs!

Beginner Friendly Sewing Patterns

Beginners and professionals will be happy to use our patterns because we provide clear instructions with detailed illustrations for each sewing step!

Biggest Selection Of Kids Sewing Patterns

Each day we are working to add more and more beautiful kid's sewing patterns to our shop! Therefore possibilities for your creativity are endless!

Creator Inspired Sewing Patterns

If you can't find a pattern in our shop - just let us know and we will do our best that soon enough you would be able to sew your perfect children's clothing piece! Draw your pattern idea, send it to us, and we will make your dream sewing pattern!

Lets create something beautiful together!

Creating quality garments is my lifelong passion and I'm extremely grateful to be a part of your creative journey!

Arune Guja
Founder, Technical Fashion Designer