Pants PDF Sewing Patterns

Do you want to sew your own children's pants? Our Pants PDF Sewing Patterns are the perfect sewing patterns for beginners. Sewing is fun! It’s also rewarding when you see the finished product of something that you made yourself. And there’s nothing more satisfying than making something for someone else who needs it or wants it - especially when it's your children. That’s why we created our sewing patterns so anyone can enjoy this hobby without having any knowledge about how to sew beforehand! We have all sorts of different kids pants designs available, so everyone from beginner sewer up through expert seamstress will find what they need here at Otter Patterns PDF Sewing Patterns. Check our whole pants sewing pattern collection below!

Buy Children PDF Pants Sewing Patterns

Discover your next sewing inspiration in our baby and kids Pants patterns selection! Doesn't matter if you are looking for a kids shorts sewing pattern or a jogger pants pattern - we offer a great variety of quality patterns in multiple styles! 

Easiest Sewing Project for Babies and Kids

Otter Patterns offer the most beginner friendly patterns on the Internet. You can print them out with your home printer and start sewing right away! You will get the digital pattern file and very detailed, simple-to-follow instructions on how to make your own children's clothing. Each pattern includes a sewing tutorial to make your sewing journey as carefree as possible. All sewing instructions are illustrated with detailed drawings that will help you to visualize each step. Right after payment you will get the instant file download - yes, instant download without any waiting for email! Each pattern has A4 and Letter file format that you will be able to print at home, A0 format that can be printed at a copy shop and projector file if you want to make your sewing experience paperless. To please every maker - you will have patterns with and without seam allowance. No more guessing games or complicated tutorials – just follow our clear directions and enjoy making your kids some new kids pants! Check our whole baby and toddler pants sewing pattern collection above! We also offer top notch (pun intended) customer support and guarantee that if you have any sewing questions we will answer them by writing in 24 hours.

Make DIY Pants for Your Children

Pants sewing projects for your kids will take only a few hours and will make your kids happy! There is no better clothing piece than the one made by someone they love! Dress your little ones in pans you sewed yourself now! 

Sew Baby Pants

Although babies do not walk yet, that still doesn’t mean they can’t look super cute in tiny pants made all for them. Discover baby patterns in sizes:

  • Pants sewing pattern for babies from zero to three months.
  • Pants sewing pattern for babies from three to six months.
  • Pants sewing pattern for babies from six to twelve months.

Sew Toddler Pants

See your toddler running around in awesome pants made by his loved one! Discover a perfect kids pants sewing pattern for your toddler ages:

  • Pants sewing pattern for toddlers from twelve to eighteen months.
  • Pants sewing pattern for toddlers from eighteen to twenty four months (two years old).

Sew Pants for Kids

Doesn’t matter what kind of pants pattern you're looking for your kids, we have them all. Find a pdf pants pattern for different kids ages:

  • Pants sewing pattern for kids from two to three years old.
  • Pants sewing pattern for kids from three to four years old.
  • Pants sewing pattern for kids from four to five years old.
  • Pants sewing pattern for kids from five to six years old.

Design Your Own Children Pants

If you can’t find the kids pants pdf pattern that you want, write us an email with your kids pants fashion sketch and we will make a pattern that you are searching for! 

Multiple Kids Pants pattern styles

Are you looking for a pj pants pattern or maybe pants pattern with an elastic waist, perhaps just a simple shorts pattern for your toddler? Discover multiple styles of baby and kids pants sewing patterns:

  • Pajama Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Harem Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Jogger Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Gym Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Elastic Waistband Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Tight Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Lounge Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Leggings Sewing Pattern
  • Bermuda Shorts Sewing Pattern
  • Cargo Shorts Sewing Pattern
  • Shorts Sewing Pattern
  • Capri Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Sarouel Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Straight Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Slim Fit Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Bell Bottom Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Tuxedo Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Chinos Sewing Pattern
  • Jeans Sewing Pattern
  • Cowboy Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Sailor Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Cargo Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Baggy Pants Sewing Pattern
  • High Waist Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Peplum Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Dungarees Sewing Pattern
  • Sweatpants Sewing Pattern
  • Suspender Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Stirrup Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Stretch Pants Sewing Pattern
  • Pants With Pockets Sewing Pattern

Make Kids Pants from Any Fabric

Doesn’t matter if you pick gorgeous fabric or an interesting pattern first! With Otter Patterns you will get fabric recommendations for each sewing pattern. And we have pants patterns styles for all kinds of fabrics:

  • Pants from Woven Fabric
  • Pants from Knit Fabric
  • Pants from Stretchy Fabric
  • Pants from Jersey Fabric
  • Pants from French Terry Fabric
  • Pants from Linen Fabric
  • Pants from Wool Fabric
  • Pants from Bamboo Fabric
  • Pants from Fleece Fabric
  • Pants from Felted Fabric
  • Pants from Flannel Fabric
  • Pants from Denim Fabric
  • Pants from Corduroy Fabric
  • Pants from Twill Fabric
  • Pants from Rib Fabric
  • And much more.

Find the perfect pants pattern for boys and girls of all ages and shapes!

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Ability to sew as many clothing pieces as you want, without actually reselling digital patterns on other marketplaces.

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