Pattern Testing

Want to test our patterns before they are launched for free? Want to join a group of sewing enthusiast from all over the world? You are in the right place! There are just a couple things you have to know before you start testing patterns.

Guides for Otter Pattern Testers

Free PDF pattern

We give you free pattern. We do not supply any materials - this means, you will have to use your own fabric and trims. 

2 weeks and 5+ pictures

You get 2 weeks to finish sewing from the pattern you got and we ask at least 5 pictures from you. The pictures don't have to be professional, but we would love to use them for socials - make them as cute as you can!

Tester spots are limited

Each pattern needs a limited number of testers - so you need to be quicker then the other testers and register before all the testing slots are full.

Fill a survey after

You will need to fill in a form with multiple questions after you finish sewing our pattern. The questions will about quality of the pattern and your overall feedback that is important to us!

What are digital PDF sewing patterns?

Digital sewing patterns are a convenient solution for sewing clothes at home. Digital patterns are also much more planet friendly than their non-digital counterparts! PDF sewing patters are better for the environment because they only get printed out after you buy them. And you are the one printing them only when you are ready to sew! That's why buying a PDF pattern is the most convenient way to go. To make each pattern product even better, Otter Patterns always test our PDF patterns within our Pattern Testing community.

What benefits pattern testers get?

Our Otter Pattern testers get to try patterns before we even launch them for free, but that's not everything! The more patterns you successfully tested and the more value we got from you as a tester, the bigger perks you will receive as a bonus.

These bonuses can be huge discounts in our shop, special offers and deals and much more. Furthermore, being a part of our tester community allows you to communicate with likeminded sewing enthusiasts from all over the world. Isn't it amazing?

What is pattern testing?

To make sure that every pattern we add to our shop is the best quality it can ever be - we rely on our trusted Otter Pattern Tester Community. Our community members get free PDF patterns before they are launched and we get feedback and content in exchange. It's a win-win scenario for all the otters involved!‍

How to become pattern tester?

Step 1

You need to join the pattern testing community group on

Step 2

Follow the announcements and look for the pattern you would like to sew.

Step 3

Find the pattern you like and register.

Step 4

When registering show your previous sewing projects or tell why you want to test Otter Patterns.

Step 5

Wait for the answer. If you are selected - you will be contacted via email.

Step 6

Get the pattern and start sewing!

Step 7

Have questions before finishing? Chat with other testers in the group.

Step 8

Finish the pattern, take 5 pictures and fill the feedback form.


You are an official part of Otter Pattern Tester Community!

How can pattern testers help us?

Designing a digital sewing pattern that you can simply print out at home is a complex multi step task that requires a lot of different skills, attention to details and accuracy. There are many questions to be answered when determining the quality of a pattern... Does the pattern looks good on the body, is sizing not off, are there no mistakes in the manual?

All of these problems need to be solved before realeasing the pattern to the public. Even when the pattern is finished it needs to pass the multiple tests to be released in our shop. Most of the pattern designers do all of these things alone and with no help. This makes it a very long process and can still end in a product with multiple errors.

Pattern testers help us make our products better!

Fill this form to become a pattern tester!

Feel free to share: more about yourself? experience? who are you sewing for? why you want to join our community? favorite type of things to sew? other details otters should be interested in?

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