Bloomers PDF Sewing Patterns

Do you want to make your own children's bloomers? Making clothes for your kids is a fun and rewarding experience. You can save money, teach them how to sew, and have something that's uniquely theirs. Bloomers PDF Sewing Patterns from Otter Patterns are designed with beginners in mind - they're easy to follow, simple-to-make and the instructions are detailed but not overwhelming! We've got patterns for girls or boys of all ages from newborns up through tweens. So go ahead - start sewing today! 

Buy Baby Bloomers Patterns

With our PDF Sewing Pattern downloads, you'll get everything you need - what are the required fabrics and sewing supplies, sewing instructions with illustrations. Pattern also has A4 format layout, A0 and even projector file. And don't worry about printing because each pattern you can print with your home printer! It couldn't be easier than this! Check out our baby bloomer pattern collection above!

Bloomer Sewing Patterns for Babies and Toddlers

Baby bloomers are great to put on diapers or nappies! Otter patterns offer a wide selection of baby bloomer sewing patterns to be made at home. 

Bloomer Patterns for Baby Girls

Find a beautiful baby bloomers sewing pattern for your baby girl! Maybe you want to  make baby bloomers with ruffles or beautiful bows! Bloomers are also a great thing to wear under a baby dress as a diaper cover. Explore Otter Patterns bloomer sewing selection for babies from newborns to one year old.

Bloomer Patterns for Baby Boys

Are you in search of a baby bloomers sewing pattern for your baby boy? Look no more! We offer cute baby boy bloomer sewing patterns for babies up to one year old!

Bloomer Patterns for Toddler Girls

Beautiful bloomers sewing patterns for your toddler girl are carefully constructed to be as comfy as possible while you baby girl is running around and exploring the world! Search for a bloomer sewing pattern for toddler girls up to two years old in our shop above!

Bloomer Patterns for Toddler Boys

Toddler boys love running around in their bloomers! It is a cosy and easy to make garment that will allow your kid to feel free and comfortable! Bloomers can fit comfortably around with the elastic waist and elastic casing around the leg hole! Or can be made from stretchy knit fabric without elastic at all.  Get your bloomer sewing pattern for your toddler boy up to two years old right now!

Easy to Make Children Bloomer PDF Sewing Patterns

Doesn’t matter if your kids are not babies anymore - bloomers are still a great garment to wear when exploring the world and no pants are required! All our bloomers sewing patterns are super easy to make. The patterns have options with or without seam allowance to suit every maker's needs! Our patterns have measurements in inches and in centimetres! All bloomer patterns have a sewing tutorial to make your sewing project as easy as possible! It will only take a couple of hours, a sewing machine, some fabric and the basic sewing skills to finish! 

Easy to Make Kids Shorts PDF Sewing Patterns

Dress your little one in the cosiest shorts using our kids shorts PDF sewing patterns! Explore the variety of bloomers and shorts sewing patterns! Find a perfect tiny garment for a hot summer day or just to run around the house! Get your shorts pattern and make the cutest pair for your kids!

Make Your Own DIY Baby Bummies and Shorts

You can make your own baby bummies and shorts at home in just a couple of hours! Grab your fabric, tailor’s chalk, fabric scissors and start tracing the pattern piece - just a couple hours later you will end up with the most comfortable bummies for your baby or child!

Make Baby Bummies Out of Different Fabrics

Baby bloomers and baby shorts can be made from multiple different fabrics:

  • Baby bloomers pattern from woven fabric.
  • Baby bloomers pattern from knit fabric.
  • Baby bloomers pattern from cotton fabric
  • Baby bloomers pattern from bamboo fabric
  • Baby bloomers pattern from linen fabric
  • Baby bloomers pattern from light denim
  • Baby bloomers pattern from jersey
  • Baby bloomers pattern from French terry

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