December Pattern Testing - Harem Romper Pattern

Otters are celebrating the first pattern test ever! We started our tiny business one year ago, on September 15th 2020. Close to 40 patterns were made during that time and a great deal of new things were learned. 

We launched the pattern testing community with the intention to make Otter Patterns better and more maker friendly. After all, the idea behind Otter Patterns is that the makers decide what is their next make and which pattern should be created and released next. Testing community is a great accelerator in making this happen!

The very first pattern test was a request by our Instagram followers - it was a harem romper pattern! We had an amazing group of around thirty creators participating in the testing! And oh boy, they did an amazing job! Otters are very excited to share their work on our website! We hope that sharing these tiny beautiful creations will inspire everybody to make something beautiful for their tiny ones! 

Harem Romper Pattern Testing

The aim of the harem romper pattern was to improve the sizing and make the instructions as clear as possible. Creators had two weeks to test the pattern, make the pictures and fill in the testing questionnaire. 

After all the tiny rompers were made, otters took some time to assess all the feedback. Most of the testers thought that the pattern has either accurate sizing or is slightly too big. Therefore, otters tried their best to find a middle ground and slightly improved the sizing. Second thing was sewing instructions. We made clearer and more detailed instructions and wrote a blog post on how to sew a baby romper placket. And the last thing we improved was a pattern file that is used with a projector. After all the improvements were made we are happy to publish the harem romper pattern in our shop and share beautiful pictures made by the most awesome creators! 

Here's the final product that you can find in our pattern shop. Scroll down to get inspired by all different ways our testing community made this beautiful tiny garment!

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Testing Highlights

This is a part one of three testing highlight posts in our blog. Read part two and part three testing highlight posts.

Autumn Dreams by Brooke

Beautiful autumny design made by Brooke. She made this cute romper from French terry, for kids from 18 months to 24 months old. You can find more beautiful work (the cutest hats and plushies!) done by Brooke if you visit her awesome shop

Christmas Charms by Britney

Tiny charming model in a smallest size romper (0 - 3 months) made from terry knit fabric. This tiny cozy set is made by Britney and she's an expert crafter not only in baby clothing, but also crochet and even beautifully designed cups and water bottles. You can find all her work on Instagram @little10eclan.

Melancholy Mouse by Lea

Super cute tiny cold mousy design romper made by Lea. Lea made this 3 - 6 month size romper from jersey and rib fabric for cuffs and collar. You can find more beautifully made designs with really great taste for fabrics and color made by Lea on her Instagram @_flowerbullet_.

Cozy Charms by Silvia

Great energy, beautiful model and a comfy romper made by Silvia. She chose to make a baby romper from textured medium weight knit fabric in a 18 - 24 moth size. You can follow the pretty model... sorry, the awesome creator on Instagram @the_silver_lining or watch great sewing tutorials made by her on YouTube.

Fun and Elegant by Melissa

Radiant tiny model and a romper made by Melissa. She makes a lot of beautiful stuff for her 2 year old daughter. Find more of Melissa's work on Instagram @littlepeanutattire.

Fierce Botanicals by Dulce

Sweetest tiny model giving us a fierce attitude and a lovely smile. 6 - 12 moth size romper made from double brushed poly made by Dulce. Follow her on Instagram @deileenslittlecloset, to find more beautiful tiny clothing pieces inspired by her daughter.

Sepia Daydream by Sharon

Smallest size romper made by Sharon. She made it form Jersey fabric. Sharon makes beautiful baby and grown up clothing pieces. Visit her Instagram @lily.and.fin for fashion inspirations and beautifully crafted baby outfits.

Hearty Alligators by Juliet

Tiniest size romper made by Juliet. She used cottton interlock and rib fabric for the cuffs and collar. Julliet is a really skilled maker and she loves sewing beautiful stuff for her son. You can see more of her tiny creations on Instagram @Julietandallthethings.

Want to see all the testing pictures in one place? Go to our Pinterest board for harem romper pattern testing.

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You can also see the published pattern on Otter Patterns website here!

Big thank you to all the testers!

We understand how much time, resources, and love it takes to make these tiny creations! We are so so grateful for all the beautiful work pattern testers did! We really hope that with time this community will grow and we will see and hear more and more feedback regarding what we make and how we make it. After all, makers are the ones that magically bring the lines on the paper to life shining with beautiful colors, fabrics and ideas!